Super Mario 64 Has Been Haunting Me For Years

The game’s worlds are wide-open playgrounds, but they always felt like surreal, disjointed dreams.

A Wide Palette of Emotions

With a blank face, you can assume Mario is feeling whatever each moment makes you feel.

A Quiet, Unspoken Horror (With Your Pal, Mario)

This is a game where you can turn a corner and see something like this, for some reason.
In a series that was already rich with colorful characters, these were the closest things to “friendly faces” you’d find. (Source: Super Mario Wiki)

Low-Poly Peers

Pictured: Mario Tennis, one of the many Nintendo 64 games where Mario and his friends have fun and are actually happy.

A Lucky Accident

The game has left a legacy in more ways than one. Others have written about the lasting influence of the music.

I’m an artist, writer, and indie game developer who work has worked on various games. You can find me on Twitter, @kylelabriola

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