How Deep Should Our Games Critique Go?

The Prestigious AAA

TLOU2 is probably one of the most written-about games of the year. Like with film reviews, many critics have focused on the storytelling aspects of it.

The AAA Toy Aisle

Nintendo publishes all sorts of games, but it’s hard to deny that many of them are intended to appeal to kids.
When it comes to long-form critique of Nintendo games, it sometimes feels like Youtube is a better source than traditional publications. It’s definitely not hard to find people’s thoughts.

The All-Ages Gray Area

At its core, Overwatch is a really cool and appealing game that has resonated with millions of people. At this point, however, most of its positive aspects are old news, and not on people’s minds.

Fair Is Fair

I’m an artist, writer, and indie game developer who work has worked on various games. You can find me on Twitter, @kylelabriola

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