After 20 Years Of Playing Games, “Slay The Spire” Taught Me What I Was Looking For

From, some Final Fantasy games can take 40–80 hours

Oh God, Please Don’t X Out…! Hear Me Out!

The cards you draw determine what actions your characters can perform that turn

A Fresh, New Kind Of RPG

In Dicey Dungeons, your skills aren’t randomized, but the dice used to activate them are

Finally “Getting It”

“Slay the Spire” generally keeps card descriptions short, and keeps numbers small, which makes it easier to understand

Handy New Search Engine Keywords

There are a ton of tabletop deckbuilders, including a number of co-op multiplayer games and games based on series you may already like

I’m an artist, writer, and indie game developer who work has worked on various games. You can find me on Twitter, @kylelabriola

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